Re: `New' sub-menu in desktop's rightclick-menu

On 22 May 2002, Dave Bordoley wrote:

> In nautilus 2.2 i'm going to propose to change the new items. 
> First i think having new window, new terminal new folder etc. is
> confusing.
> what i would like is 
> create => folder
>        => application launcher
>        => symlink (perhaps)
> Also i think create => launcher should be available in the file manager
> view not just the desktop.
> Since these are things the user creates, they weren't there before

The symlink doesn't sound all that useful, and what would it do? bring up 
a wizard? Doesn't sound like a good ui. Drag and drop, or paste as symlink 
seem much more natural to me.

I am not sure we want the possiblility to create application launchers 
anywhere. For the desktop it makes sense, and maybe we can look at the uri 
and allow it for some of the vfolder directories. But it doesn't make much 
sense for e.g. /tmp.

This leaves us with a quite small menu, so I don't know if it makes sense 
anymore. It feels like you're forcibly adding not so useful items to the 
menu in order to make adding a menu useful.
> I'm considering proposing that we remove new window, but i'm not sure if
> thats a good thing or not, i want to talk to more trained usability
> people about that. Also i think new terminal in the desktop context menu
> is crack rot, since nautilus is supposed to be a desktop shell, hence a
> replacement for the text shell.

Remove new window??? Are you trying to make Nautilus completely unusable?

New terminal is a very often requested and used piece of functionallity. 
The goal of Nautilus is to make it usable, not easy-to-learn because it 
doesn't let you do anything. We must accept that Unix is Unix, and there 
will always be things that are better of done in a terminal. 

I want a Nautilus that experienced users feel they can use and be 
productive with, but newbies are not afraid to touch.

> Another thing there is a good chance that in 2.0.1 gnome-terminal will
> be one of the option in the open with menu for folders (as an
> application) i think this makes new terminal obsolete when
> implemented.

Not really. You want to open a new terminal in the currently viewed 
directory, not in a directory you have selected.
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