Re: `New' sub-menu in desktop's rightclick-menu

I'm mixed on the create panel option mainly since in any sane setup the
user is going to have at least one panel running from which they can add
and remove panels. (It's impossible to remove all panels without not
running gnome-panel, and well thats just not sane). I'm tempted to say
that the cost of the feature, added cruft in the already overcrowded
desktop context menu, outweighs the benefit of having the option of
adding new panels. Adding new panels is not a common enough operation to
warrant it's inclusion in the desktop context menu.


On Wed, 2002-05-22 at 14:18, Lars Weber wrote:

> A related thing that I think would be useful (and can also be seen in the
> screenshot) is to add the ability to create panels from that menu.  This
> might even add a little bit to the feeling of an integrated environment I
> think... but it would also require something like a panel-type selection
> dialog if one doesn't want to add a separate menu item (or sub-menu) for
> all five panel types.
> Should I file this as a wishlist bug?
> Regards,
> Lars

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