Re: `New' sub-menu in desktop's rightclick-menu

On Wed, 22 May 2002, Alex Larsson wrote:
> Remove new window??? Are you trying to make Nautilus completely unusable?
> New terminal is a very often requested and used piece of functionallity.
> The goal of Nautilus is to make it usable, not easy-to-learn because it
> doesn't let you do anything. We must accept that Unix is Unix, and there
> will always be things that are better of done in a terminal.

While I agree with you that "New terminal" is probably a useful feature
for many users and most likely should be kept, I don't understand your
other comments at all.

* Isn't easy-to-learn often a big part in being usable?
* Why must a *desktop* user care about and accept, or even know about,
  that his underlying operating system is Unix?
* Why do you assume that users would do things better in a terminal?

I'm curious, because your comments seem at contrary with previous Nautilus
development and also the general tend of GNOME in exactly these areas.


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