Re: `New' sub-menu in desktop's rightclick-menu

On 22 May 2002, Lars Weber wrote:

> Hi,
> this is perhaps nothing for the Gnome 2.0 release anymore because of the
> UI-freeze but as there already four `New ...' items in the desktop's
> rightclick-menu I wonder whether they should be moved to their own `New'
> sub-menu like in the following mockup:
>   <>
> A related thing that I think would be useful (and can also be seen in the
> screenshot) is to add the ability to create panels from that menu.  This
> might even add a little bit to the feeling of an integrated environment I
> think... but it would also require something like a panel-type selection
> dialog if one doesn't want to add a separate menu item (or sub-menu) for
> all five panel types.
> Should I file this as a wishlist bug?

Dave has proposed something like this to (i bet he already put it in 
bugzilla). I'm not sure putting e.g. "New window" and "New Folder" in the 
same menu is a good idea. They are conceptually very different sort of 
operations. On operates on a directory and creates a file, the other is a 
pure UI operation.

If we had several file-creating operations it may make sense to put them 
in a submenu like that though.

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