Re: [BUG] [nautilus2]: "drag" will not "drop"

I think the problem with drag and drop in the list view is that gtk tree
view doesn't currently support it.

The second issue you have mentioned i think may be a race condition, and
a nasty one


On Sun, 2002-05-19 at 14:18, Michael Rothwell wrote:
> There's two issues I've encountered with Nautilus2; one, drag and drop
> does not work from the list view. Two, when dragging from the icon view,
> sometimes it will not "drop." This results in the cursor keeping the
> "drag" icon, and the mouse being more or less useless -- clicking on
> windows doesn't do anything, etc. I had to switch to a terminal an
> "killall nautilus" to get the mouse into a working state again.

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