Re: menu editing status, and prelim. patch

Replying to your own post is kind of lame so i apologized, but i wanted to add
that this is how windows menu editing seems to work as well. Users can add new
menus and launchers but can't remove system wide default folders and files.

Also i think menu editing in gnome isn't such a big deal since we don't have
annoying company logo based menus(eg. the adobe acrobat 4.0 menu my parents
have in their start menu)that are created by installed programs. Our menus,
being task based and largely implemented using a software algorithm, are
pretty nice and avoid the annoyances of having a folder for one app launcher
like in windows.


bordoley msu edu said:
> I think for the vast majority of end users, simply being able to add
to the
> existing structure is good enough. I don't think end users should be
able to
> change the menu structure since it makes the theoretical
implementation pretty
> complicated let along the actual implementation. As for sys admins
wanting to
> change the structure, if they really want to do this they can always
edit the
> applications vfolder-info file in vfs.
> dave

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