Re: menu editing status, and prelim. patch

Alex Graveley <alex ximian com> writes: 
> Folder extension above is the big issue.  Currently folder's user-local
> query rules are copied from the system ones whenever a change is made. 
> This means that changes to system folder contents/queries will not show
> up for users who have locally modified versions.
> My solution is to add a parent xml element to user-changed folders:
> <Folder>
> 	<Name>Leet-As-I-Wanna-Be</Name>
> 	<Parent>Desktop Preferences/Advanced</Parent>
> 	<Include>quake.desktop<Include>
> </Folder>

Do you include the "Root" system folder as parent of the "Root"
user-specific folder? Otherwise you won't get new system folders.
> I'm considering adding a <ParentQuery/> element which would represent
> the extended folder's query clause, to allow users fine-grained control
> over the items that show up.  But this is most likely overkill as I
> don't foresee users ever editing queries.

FWIW Owen argues that menu editing is already a 'leet or admin
feature, so we should just have a query editor app.


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