menu editing status, and prelim. patch


I'm about to commit this patch which is the first step to a working
vfolder vfs method.  This converts everything to use VFolderURI, which
is just a wrapper around and unescaped copy of the GnomeVFSURI, and
being on-stack simplifies error handling somewhat.

This gets basic operations such as folder creation (rename is still
broken), dragging launchers, renaming launchers, and moving folders

Still to do in vfs:
	* Monitors
	* Folder rename/move debugging
	* Folder extension

Still to do in nautilus:
	* Add an "Edit Launcher" right-click menuitem
	* Have "Create Launcher" be visible everywhere

Folder extension above is the big issue.  Currently folder's user-local
query rules are copied from the system ones whenever a change is made. 
This means that changes to system folder contents/queries will not show
up for users who have locally modified versions.

My solution is to add a parent xml element to user-changed folders:

	<Parent>Desktop Preferences/Advanced</Parent>

The parent element contains the path to the system vfolder from which
this user vfolder was derived.  This allows changes to the system folder
to still be reflected, even when the folder has been renamed with items
added by the user.

I'm considering adding a <ParentQuery/> element which would represent
the extended folder's query clause, to allow users fine-grained control
over the items that show up.  But this is most likely overkill as I
don't foresee users ever editing queries.



"I don't find excessive sanity a virtue."

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