Re: Symlinks in nautilus don't behave like they do in the terminal

First, let me apologize for sending that message three times, computer
is acting weird tonite. Another problem with this behavior is that it is
inconsistent with that of both the gtk and mozilla file selectors.

This use to work correctly in nautilus 1.0.6 i believe.


On Wed, 2002-05-15 at 03:20, Michele Campeotto wrote:
>   I wholeheartedly agree, this has always annoyed me and I'd like to see
> it fixed for 2.0, it doesn't seem a big change to me,
> documentation-wise, but a great improvement in user experience.
>   P.S: Please note that half of the time I am completely wrong, it's up
> to you to decide about this email ;o)
> -- 
>   -- Michele -

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