Re: Symlinks in nautilus don't behave like they do in the terminal

Il mer, 2002-05-15 alle 09:06, Dave Bordoley ha scritto:
> eg. If i had a symlink to /mnt/shared in my home dir called shared it
> would appear as /home/dave/shared the same as it appears in the
> terminal.
> Currently clicking on the shared "symlink" in my home changes the
> direcory to the /mnt/shared.
> I think this is bad since it breaks the unix paradigm. If we want to
> implement windows behavior, it can be done using .desktop files, but
> please don't break the correct unix behavior.

  I wholeheartedly agree, this has always annoyed me and I'd like to see
it fixed for 2.0, it doesn't seem a big change to me,
documentation-wise, but a great improvement in user experience.

  P.S: Please note that half of the time I am completely wrong, it's up
to you to decide about this email ;o)

  -- Michele -

Hard work often pays off after time, but laziness always pays off now.

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