Re: PATCH: [Bug 75143] delete trash dialog title should say "emptytrash contents?"

Apologies ... in my earlier mail I thought the discussion was about the text in the menu item. I now realise that the discussion is about the text on the dialog that appears when you choose Empty Trash.

In the GDP Style Guide we make a distinction between remove and delete. Delete is defined as deleting an item that you can not restore, remove means removing an item that you can restore. See

For ease of translation here, I would avoid the split infinitive in the message on the dialog:

   Delete all items from Trash permanently?

Calum, are there HIG guidelines for dialog and window titles? What I see at the moment is "Delete Trash Contents?", and I'm not sure if the question we want the user to read should be in the title, and repeated in the message.

Calum Benson wrote:
> David Moles wrote:
> > I would probably go with "Permanently delete all items in trash?" or
> > something of that sort.
> After eloquently arguing why "Emptying trash contents" is gramatically
> incorrect, you spoiled it :o)  Admittedly we don't talk about trash and
> trashcans over here anyway so maybe I'm just missing the idiom... but
> deleting something "in" something sounds just as wrong to me.
> Don't you have to delete things *from* something...?  "Permanently
> delete all items from the trash can", perhaps...?  (Actually I think
> "remove" reads better than "delete" here, but I appreciate that perhaps
> doesn't convey the permanence quite so well).
> Cheeri,
> Calum.
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