gnome-vfs problem

hi all,
i am using debian(woody). i have installed gnome-vfs-extras (deb) 1.0.5,
and libgnome-vfs0_1.0.5 debs.
i have a problem however, in that i can't get to the start-here
location, and ghelp: is also invalid from inside nautilus.
if i install gnome-vfs (latest) from source, i can see these locations,
but not properly. instead of having regular desktop items, i have
.desktop files, which are viewed as text files when i open them.

i've looked around on google, and the only answer i was was to install
gnome-vfs-1.0.6, which i don't think has been released.
i am using nautilus-1.0.6 built from source.

does anyone have any ideas?

thanks for reading,

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