Re: New toolbar button ordering

It's really getting too late to make this change. This really will have
to wait till post gnome 2 as ui and string freeze is next week.

On a related note, anyone know why the "properties" string was reverted
back to "show properties" i can make a quick patch if needed.


On Wed, 2002-05-08 at 19:38, Evandro Fernandes Giovanini wrote:

> Matthew hasn't commented on this yet, but I don't think Mozilla is going
> to change at this point. It has Back, Forward, Reload and Stop buttons,
> in that order.
> Ok, back to Nautilus. Currently, the HIG says:
> "Similarly, the first few buttons in a browser application should always
> include Back, Forward, Stop and Reload, in that order."
> Do you agree to change the order to Back, Forward, Reload and Stop (as
> used by Nautilus 1.x, Galeon, Mozilla and Konqueror)?
> The updates necessary to the HIG is in that paragraph and in the files
> images/GaleonToolbar.png and images/GtkToolbar_browserdefault.png,

> --
> Evandro

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