Re: Found cause of 46582, what to do?

On Saturday, May 4, 2002, at 11:29 AM, David Emory Watson wrote:

eel_make_uri_from_input_internal () strips off leading and trailing spaces from filenames before calling gnome_vfs.  This is done to "make cut and paste of file names [in the location bar] less error prone".  The obvious problem with this is that filenames *can* legitemately have spaces at the beginning or end.

Lets decide what we want to implement before we decide how. It is important to be able to type in these filenames? You can open these files with a URL using %20 characters or by double-clicking on them.

1) Ignore the comment and don't strip whitespace.

I guess that would be OK. But as far as leading whitespace is concerned, don't all paths in the location bar have to start with "/"? What's the harm in stripping leading whitespace?

2) Add a flag to this function telling it whether or not it should strip off spaces.  Then, in the location bar code, try not stripping and if that fails, try stripping.

Sounds like overkill to me.

    -- Darin

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