Re: Found cause of 46582, what to do?

On Sat, 2002-05-04 at 14:35, Darin Adler wrote:
> Lets decide what we want to implement before we decide how. It is
> important to be able to type in these filenames? You can open these

I suppose it could be argued that this isn't all that important since
filenames like this are rare.  Even so, I think it should be fixed,
since there really isn't any good reason not to.  Also typing in the
filenames is not the only problem, this also breaks auto-competition. 
AFAIK, this is the last auto-completion bug.

> files with a URL using %20 characters or by double-clicking on them.

The user should *definitely* not have to type in an escaped string.

> > 1) Ignore the comment and don't strip whitespace.
> I guess that would be OK. But as far as leading whitespace is
> concerned, don't all paths in the location bar have to start with "/"?
> What's the harm in stripping leading whitespace?

I suppose that wouldn't be a problem.
> > 2) Add a flag to this function telling it whether or not it should
strip off spaces.  Then, in the location bar code, try not stripping and
if that fails, try stripping.
> Sounds like overkill to me.

Unless this really does cause a problem with cutting and pasting
filenames...  I don't know if it does, but if it's OK with you I think
we should implement 1) (except we can continue stripping off leading
whitespace) and then we can do more if this comment is there for a valid
reason.  Sound good?

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