Found cause of 46582, what to do?

eel_make_uri_from_input_internal () strips off leading and trailing
spaces from filenames before calling gnome_vfs.  This is done to "make
cut and paste of file names [in the location bar] less error prone". 
The obvious problem with this is that filenames *can* legitemately  have
spaces at the beginning or end.  This causes location bar bug 46582.  In
addition, it makes it impossible to goto a directory named
"/home/dwatson/foo ".

There are two ways we can fix this:

1) Ignore the comment and don't strip whitespace.


2) Add a flag to this function telling it whether or not it should strip
off spaces.  Then, in the location bar code, try not stripping and if
that fails, try stripping.

Darin, what do you think I should do here?

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