List seems kind of quiet today, so here are some bugs that I have
questions on that really need a maintainers opinion. 

This is basically aimed at darin and alex, but everyone else feel free
to chime in as well. 

40260 --  Themable sound effects attached to certain interactions 

my opinion is that this should really be part of the gnome sound
settings and not be nautilus specific. 

40136 -- Store text-under-icon choice per directory 

A feature request to make the text under icons in the icon view settable
per directory. In my opinion this seems like per-directory settings gone

41963 -- Audio/music content analysis (classifying WAV's) 

a feature request to have nautilus sort wav's, mp3s etc. via their
physical content by analysis of it. Personally i think this is way
outside the scope of nautilus. I guess if gstreamer could provide this
functionality and we switched to using gstreamer for music view (star
trek future) than perhaps this could be done, but in the mean time I
really think this is wont fix, but of course it's up to the maintainers,
but I think this is crack. 

42834 -- please add a way to customize the toolbar 

feature request to make the toolbar button order totally configurable.
Galeon currently has this feature, but personally i feel that its a
cracked out feature that reduces desktop consistency. Imnsho we should
just follow the hig recommendations for toolbars. 

45113 -- Don't create metafiles on FAT partitions 

Reporter doesn't want nautilus to create metafiles on fat partitions
since these show up in the directory when the user uses windows.
Personally, I think we should mark this wontfix and encourage the
reporter to file a bug with microsoft regarding explorers disregard for
unix hidden files :) 

45532 -- Remove non-working "Always" choice for "Preview Sound Files" 

It's believed that code has been added to nautilus to allow previewing
remote sound files. Can someone test this and see if it works. pretty
please :<) 

46046 -- Can't change Trash file permissions through GUI 

Correct me if i'm wrong, but doesn't it make no sense having permission
on the trash directory since it's a vfolder? 

46270 -- Use GtkButtonBox to standardize appearance of buttons

Is this still relevant?

46345 -- Nautilus should use saved-session data to start looking exactly
like it did at the last shutdown

Is nautilus session aware now? Can this be closed if so?

47112 -- Missing check for pam-devel

Summary: "You need to check for the pam headers. It's currently possible
to configure without these installed and no warnings are shown until the
build fails." Uhh yeah whats the status?

47453 -- IDL files for Nautilus view component are not installed

summary: "It's necessary to install these for anyone who wants to write
a Nautilus view in a language other than C. This is trivial to fix -
Makefile and spec file changes only." So whats the status? 

OK thats it for now, thanks for any and all comments.....

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