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Hi Darin,

	I just committed a few things, firstly there may be a bug open against
this - there is a race when opening a new window that can result in the
sidebar swallowing the whole area - that's now fixed [ and I've added
some code to improve the sizing / re-rendering efficiency of the sidebar

	I've also squashed the disproportionately annoying nautilus-news debug
spew from parsing bad rdf files, and I did something slightly
controversial genericising nautilus-view-standard-main to manfacture
BonoboObjects - mainly because I want to add some more uber-robust
component cleanup stuff in there that applies to everything not just
nautilus views - including the throbber :-)

	I also re-enabled the multi-display code in bonobo-activation and gave
it a good testing - it appears to work fine now, for reasons unknown -
which is somewhat worrying, however I'm sure any bugs will re-surface
and get clobbered as/when the arise - for now nautilus works fine for me
on multiple displays.

	I also made throbber activation asynchronous, which should help speed
up the new window creation process.



 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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