Re: [GNOME VFS] Re: [Nautilus-list] nautilus and gnome-vfs

Le jeu 07/03/2002 à 06:11, Havoc Pennington a écrit :
> "Shahms E. King" <shahms shahms com> writes:
> > While reading the recent thread about .desktop file editing in Nautilus,
> > it occurred to me that the desktop itself should probably be a gnome-vfs
> > URI (desktop:/// anyone?) so I actually took the five minutes to add to
> > the libdesktop module in gnome-vfs (the appropriate change in nautilus
> > was similarly trivial), in fact the changes were so simple (and come
> > with so many other potential benefits, like, say administrator mandated
> > desktop items -- has some drawback, but I digress) without impacting
> > Nautilus' ability to "Use Home Directory as Desktop" that I figured I'd
> > ask why before submitting the appropriate patches ...
> > 
> A desktop: URI is quite a nice idea, I think.

I think so, that is why I implemented it in MandrakeSoft version of
Nautilus 1 :))

I needed a "merged" version of the desktop with the user desktop and
some dynamically added icons (ie when you plug an MP3 player, icon
appears on your desktop, same with webcam..) and I made an UGLY patch at
the nautilus level (used the nautilus merged directory class) to handle
desktop: URI..

I submitted for review but Darin (with good reasons) though it needed to
be re-thought with a better design..

Unfortunately, I hadn't time to redesign it but I'll be more than happy
to fix that for Nautilus 2, when my work on Mdk 8.2 will be finished..
(I should have time after March 15th..)

Since I didn't follow gnome-vfs for GNOME2 modifications very closely,
I'll probably need some infos (I don't really understand the differences
between the vfolder and desktop module..). And for cause, we need FAM
monitoring for desktop: URI (but it seems gnome-vfs for GNOME has
already fam monitoring..)
Frédéric Crozat

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