[Nautilus-list] the great nautilus bughunt begins!

Hello, nautilus folks. In an attempt to conquor the huge mound of bugs
that is the nautilus b.g.o component, I've been going through them one
by one... and have come up with several that need some discussion or
clarification. If all of you busy developer folks could weigh in with
your thoughts, that would be greatly appreciated. :) I'm doing this to
make your life easier, after all. In addition, if the general nautilus
users could add what bugs they view as particularly annoying or a
priority, I would be a happy, happy man. The bugs are broken up into
broad sections, with individual comments and bugIDs in a section. I did
not provide full links to cut down on the size - please holler if that's
something I should change in the future. Also, note that there's still a
*ton* of bugs to go.

An important part of this is deciding which bugs are ones that will just
never get fixed. I personally would rather just trash those bugs that
have no hope, to make it easier to focus on the important bugs, but
that's something I need to get clarity on from you guys.

Code cleanups:
These are bugs that have to deal with various cleanups in the code or
duplicates of FIXMEs in the code. I would really appreciate a developer
going through these real quick and addressing first, if they're still
relevant, and second, if they still care.
* Move the wrap box widget into libnautilus-extensions, since it is no
longer a cut and copied widget
47258: code cleanup, and one of those "never gonna get done bugs",
probably. check with someone.

* nautilus_complex_search_bar_set_location is not implemented
42517: bug that simply duplicates a FIXME in the code. Probably
unnecessary, and might be one of those "never gonna happen" bugs.

* leak in BonoboStreamVFS
47461: code bug, bonobo. check with someone on it's continued existance.

* relative paths turned into absolute paths by
45069: code cleanup, need to check if it's still a bug.

* Missing check for pam-devel
47112: code cleanup, probably resolved. check with folks.

* Marking a nautilus file gone should get rid of name
42429: code cleanup, no idea how relevant it still is.

* Should use wrapper function for setting min/max width
42532: code cleanup, may/not be resolved. check with folk.

* Need to set several exceptions in Nautilus Adapter
44398: code cleanup, more bonobo stuff?

* Should pass MIME type in our Bonobo_PersistStreams
41248: code cleanup, more bonobo stuff.

* Need to implement cancelling metadata loads as part of implementing
the "forget metadata" feature
45064: code cleanup, and looks like a freq.

* Should report failure to read Nautilus or GMC link file to user
42433: code cleanup, and needs some discussion.

* Bad error message when OAF_REG_ERROR occurs
42537: code cleanup, needs verification.

* Is it OK not to have set_info not implemented
44403: code cleanup, more bonobo stuff.

*  Extensible architecture for previewing
41258: code cleanup? dunno. possibly in the "never gonna happen"

Performance bugs:
These are bugs that have various performance isssues. I have a hard time
seeing these become a priority, but they might be...
* Nautilus scans a local directory before returning available
44371: performance issues. falls into a "will we ever fix this?"

* wasteful roundtrips for online storage
43911: probably a bug. not sure if it still is around, but might be.
performance issue.

* "Local files" doesn't exclude files on SMB mounts
65393: probably a bug, and a semi-performance issue.

* MIME types for files stored on local filesystems should be cached in
nautlus metadata
46989: performance issue, and probably a "will we ever fix this".

* Sidebar teardown shows weird intermediate stages in text and HTML
47118: verified, relatively minor visual bug. I'd almost call it a
performance thing.

POW bugs:
These are bugs that might be good POWs for people (projects of the
week). Barring some clarity (that bug's probably really hard, even
though it seems easy), I'd like to try to recruit people who want to get
started in gnome development, and try to baby them through fixing these.
Take note, nautilus users who want to code. :)
* progress bar in progress dialog doesn't update properly
44923: actual bug, but minor. Falls into the POW category.

* IDE device names in hardware view are confusing
42825: consensus seems to be a minor freq, but might be a bug. Falls
into POW category.

* multiple files selected should be offered in open with menu
46489: freq, but probably harder than a POW.

* HTTP proxy field accepts and retains value when 'Use' unchecked.
44642: actual bug, also minor. Excellent POW.

* cross-filesystem move of file that can't be deleted copies file but
gives message that implies failure
45664: actual bug, minor. Decent POW.

* wrong status information when deleting a folder containing files 
43600: actual, and semi-non-minor, bug. Possible POW, but might be kinda

* Icon view is too conservative in icon layout.
48350: verified, visual but annoying. probably POW material.

* Provide feedback while applications are starting up
44687: definate enhancement. might be POW.

* Renaming an icon causes a flicker back to original name before new
name is displayed.
46095: verified, probably POW. might be too hard.

* Thumbnails regenerated upon 'Create Link'
45191: verified, good POW material. almost definately trivial.

* emblem icons overlap at icon corners 
40365: verified, definately a bug. not sure what the actual behavior
should be, though. Might be a POW, but borderline.

* dragging not XDND compliant -- host name not included
44725: minor bug, might be a POW. Not sure how important/relevant, and
also might have been fixed.

* switching zoom level in manual layout can show just empty space,
requiring scrolling
47632: minor ui bug, probably worth fixing. might be a POW, but probably
too hard.

* should be able to zoom with the mouse wheel 
46216: definate enhancement, should get a little discussion, then will
be a nice POW.

* Nautilus might popup a dialog if a user drags removable media into the
47285: definate enhancement, also needs some discussion although there's
a good idea in the bug comments, and another nice POW.

* A mini-terminal tab in the sidebar would be useful
47789: minor enhancement, might be a good POW, although might be

* Error message should include advice when Nautilus can't view a file
45321: minor ui bug. needs some discussion, fix is probably trivial (POW

* Nautilus windows should use mini-icons that match icon for displayed
46315: interesting enhancement. needs some discussion to make sure it's
right, but if so, should be an easy POW.

Discussion bugs:
These are the bugs that need real discussion, and I should probably
bring up one at a time for the list to hash out.
* Choosing "open in  new windows" for multiple selected mp3s plays them
all at once
46808: verified. debatable as a bug. check with list, and what the
"intended" behavior should be. Note that there are a variety of ways to
duplicate this.

* metafiles should be hidden even if dot files are enabled
43928: minor bug, and one with an ambiguous solution. need to check on
this one.

* Cannot cancel changes to preferences?
47623: fundamental UI debate issue. needs resolving

* Nautilus doesn't remember window placement or # of open windows for
mounted volumes
45638: this is a freq or a bug, depending on how annoying you view it.
Worth fixing, but not minor.

* When nautilus is narrow, the zoom and view as menus should slide under
the search bar, or at least under each other
45686: verified. probably not trivial also, and is borderline freq.

* scaling up small thumbnails shouldn't anti-alias
47903: seems to be a trivial fix that no one cares about.

* closed the file manager and it crashed
66037: crash bug - 1.0.4, not GNOME2 - high priority anyways?

* Design a comprehensive desktop mounting strategy
45412: need desktop mounting strat. This is a far away thing, when
people have time for it. should be brought up on naut-devel?

* Disk names are truncated on popup menu
46296: visual bug, but important to fix. probably non-trivial, and
requires some thought.

* Request to add Delete feature in Music View
41951: enhancement, probably good POW also. probably worth discussing
the details, though.

* Hardware overview doesn't wrap or add scrollbars
45996: what the heck is hardware view? is this a feature that

* "Custom Icons" disappear when a folder is renamed
46132: bug, did not verify. unknown solution, should probably discuss.

* The use of the acronym MIME is confusing
46523: this is a ui issue, and debatable. might need to get the UI
people in on this, to get the gnome standard.

* the '/' level consumes a horizontal hierarchy level for little gain
41591: debatable. probably not trivial, and really a ui issue.

Really a bug? bugs:
Really a bug? Who knows? Not me. These range from things I can't
duplicate, to things that are so trivial or minor, that we may not care.
* Non smooth font family preferences are hard coded
47748: is this still a bug? check with someone again.

* Should use a resolution independent way to query for fonts (use points
not pixel sizes)
47971: dunno if this is still a bug. bears discussion, check with

* Need scaled version of Trash icon so it looks good in sidebar
47103: this is a visual bug, and one that I can barely see. set to

* Empty Trash dialog Empty button should have a icon
48177: visual bug only. set to trivial.

* scheme-based viewers don't show up in "View As" list
42177: this one needs some discussion, and is probably not relevant
anymore. Or, might be relevant, but a "not gonna happen". check with

* since Arlo-theme plain text icon has shadow on right side, position of
stretch handles looks wrong
43282: minor ui bug. changed to cosmetic. should be checked if we even

* Not all mountable removable media listed in Disks menu
48267: NEEDINFO to verify it's still a bug? definately a bug if it's
still around, though, and probably non-trivial.

* Help sidebar panel fails on startup
46510: an unverifyable crash. check for duplicates, then check on

* Could not bring up Nautilus 
62548: another unverifyable crash. check for dups, then close

* Nautilus starts an additional instance when a new window is opened
48520: can't duplicate, not sure what to do.

* directories viewed through symbolic links confuse the tree view
48099: hrm. not sure what to do here. probably verifyable, probably
non-trivial. we'll see.

* Reword and slightly reorganize search for nicer design and easier
45314: another file search bug. not sure what to do here.

* human-readable search criteria string confused by multiple spaces in a
47628: search bug, so no idea what to do with this.

* If backup search is on, small searches don't show any results until
the backup search is done.
46533: file search bug, dunno what to do with it.

* Searches for files modified later than the present gives no warning
44744: file search bug, no idea what to do here. seems like a bug,

* Image viewer redraws image three times
48354: hrm. is this still a bug? can't test. Visual bug, though.

FREQ bugs:
Feature Requests. Included for the sake of completeness, but obviously
aren't the priority.
* All files in a read-only directory have "cannot write" flag
46696: freq, fairly hard. Not sure if it's something reasonable to

* Up button when viewing a web change should respect
45307: definate freq. possibly not hard, should check with the galeon

* should be able to "drag image around" in View as Image
45413: verified. definately a freq, dunno how hard it is to fix.

* would be nice to have a way to take sidebar panels into their own
46774: this is definately an enhancement. moving on. should I be setting
gnome2/triaging keywords on these?

* File operation right-click menu
41560: definate enhancement, probably non-trivial.

* no way to change fonts used in Web view
47771: definately an enhancement. Not sure if it's still valid. should
be discussed.

* New Link/Launcher options in context menu
46307: enhancement, probably non-trivial. not really sure what it's
looking for.

* Music View needs a volume control
42868: definate enhancement, might be nice, but might also be not
appropriate for naut to deal with.

* show URIs in the status bar when hovering over lines in the History
45436: minor ui cleanup, definate enhancement. might be a POW.

Real bugs:
definate bugs, but don't fall into one of the other categories. (I.e.,
not easy enough to be POWs)
* FAM fails to update Nautilus view
63674: verified. no idea how hard, probably not trivial.

* arrow key navigation seems broken in directories with stretched icons
45409: verified, probably not trivial as well, and probably not a POW as
the comments suggest difficulty.

* Desktop icons hard to click on
44967: verified, visual but annoying bug. probably non-trivial.

* View as Image shows white for transparent bits in png, but gray for
bits outside of png
47281: minor ui bug, not sure what the actual behavior should be.

* Adding emblems by copying them in the emblems dir causes problem
72231: probably a verifiable bug, and should be fixed. non-trivial,
though. (importantly, also relevant, not 1 year+ old.)

*  "Help" panel doesn't start up if repeatedly checked/unchecked in
48188: verified, seems bad. Not a priority, but should be looked at for

* No way to disable window opening when mounting devices.
62735: definate bug - I've had this problem. but really an enhancement.

* Drop coordinates are wrong after auto-scrolling to the end
46992: minor ui cleanup, and probably not trivial.

Bugs that I need to bug other people bugs:
I need to talk to other people about these. again, ignorable, but are
included for completeness' sake.
* devices mounted with supermount do not show up in the "Disks" menu
48090: looks like a bug that a guy from mandrakesoft was going to work
on - probably should bug him.

* Nautilus changes its style in the session manager list to Trash
48279: interesting, session manager bug. should check with whoever's
dealing/writing the session manager. Also worth bringing up to see if
it's still an issue with gnome2.

* download plug-in dialog shows up, but hitting OK does not download the
45977: mozilla bug, 99% likely it's been fixed. check with galeon folks.

* "please click" on theme selector dialog displayed twice in ja_JP
47503: probably fixed, check with the i18n people.

* Reverting to previous language does not work
48358: no idea, again, check with the i18n people.

And there you go! Presuming this goes well, I will continue to go
through the bugs and categorize them. Keep up the great work, guys!


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