Re: PATCH for some random stuff.

Josh Steiner wrote:
> i think there is some validity to having one off tips, maybe the answere
> is to a "tip" class popup which looks different than alerts and
> such.  then there would only need to be one desktop or application wide
> setting to reenable tips.

Paperclip! paperclip :)

Ellen Isaacs has a section all about "do you really mean it/don't show
me this again" popups in her book "Designing From Both Sides of the
Screen"... it makes the case that they're usually a cop-out.  As she
says, "Imagine if every time you used the backspace key, you were asked
'Do you really want to remove that character?'"  :)  The trick is to
make sure that any potential data loss is minimal (and preferably
recoverable), e.g. with a good Undo command.


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