Re: PATCH: use timeouts for progress dialogs

Hi Dave,

> This looks like a good thing to have, it does feel much snappier. 
> However, since it doesn't fix any serious bugs, and is a fairly big
> patch, I think it should probably wait for 2.1.  Alex or Darin might
> disagree.

Hmm, IMHO I think it should go into 2.0.2 since it makes Nautilus way
faster and much more usable for me. But I respect your decision, I will
make an updated patch tomorrow and attach it to the bug so it can be
committed whenever.

> It looks like you leak all of saved information if the dialog is
> destroyed without being shown.

You're right, I'm a slacker. :)

> nautilus_file_operation_progress_stop_timeout() should be named
> nautilus_file_operation_progress_pause_timeout() to reflect the fact
> that it can be resumed.


> You should probably create_ui in nautilus_file_operation_progress_new()
> if FALSE is sent for use_timeout.  If you do this, the realize handler
> shouldn't be necessary.

Yeah, but I thought if you don't want the dialog to be shown with a
timeout, you will probably show or not show it using your own criteria.
In that case you might as well still gain efficiency by not creating the
UI if it's not needed. If you don't like it I will remove it, but I
thought it was kind of a neat idea since the UI creation seems to take
quite a while.

> Out of curiosity, how did you choose 1200 milliseconds?

I first tried it with 3000 and that was too long. I wanted to half it
and thought that was still too much, but I also thought 1 second was too
little. So I just settled on 1200 and didn't try anything else. :)

- Frank

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