Re: Help, help, help!!!

On Mon, 2002-07-29 at 04:47, Damian Dobroczynski wrote:
> Nautilus is dead & my icons on the desktop gone!
> But this is only the beginning of the story. Nautilus stopped working after 
> n-th crash of my GNOME environment. For several months GNOME has been hanging 
> without warning!!! Verbosely, everything stops (including kernel I think, 
> because I couldn't reboot my computer via net (telnet) --- tcp is dead!). The 
> whole system stops responding. This happens only during _GNOME_ session! KDE 
> sessions are OK till some program based on Mozilla engine runs. This moment 
> is very risky because THIS happend several times during KDE session. I can't 
> remember if I did something special --- THIS may happend any time, any place 
> (for ex. during clicking on a link, or writing something in Emacs). 
> Some words about Nautilus: icons are gone, the program launched by hand 
> starts working and nothing more. Nothing popups, no windows, no messages in 
> var/log/messages, no messages on terminal (besides "GnomeVFS-WARNING **: 
> Unable to convert MIME info from UTF-8 to the current locale pl. MIME info 
> will probably display wrong").
> Evolution is nearly dead (this may be related to the Nautilus silence): 
> everything is ok till I browse a file on may IMAP account. Then, the program 
> stop working. Hangs.
> I beg for help. I do not want to reinstall everything (which probably will 
> not help). Some missing files? After the computer hangs I have to reset it in 
> very brutal way... I did it "n" times...
> Summary:
> Nautilus keeps silence, Evolution hangs, GNOME stops working without direct 
> reason. KDE is very stable till a program based on Mozilla engine is 
> launched. Then it may be unstable (I mean it may hang any time).

I'm not sure what to say. It sounds like something is very broken about
your instalation. Given this is not nautilus-speciffic, you should
probably talk to the general gnome-list.

The fact that you are having drastic instability problems with so many
gtk-related applications is what makes me think this is an installation
problem rather than a simple bug.

Sory I can't be of more help. If you email gnome-list gnome org, they
might be able to help you better.


> system info:
> PC Pentium IV, 1.6 GHz.
> Mandrake 8.1
> Ximian-GNOME 1.4.x (the latest)
> dynamic IP (this does not matter, because when the IP was fixed all of the 
> calamities happened also)
> XFree 4.x with GeForce II (NVidia-made driver)
> -- 
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> nautilus-list gnome org

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