Re: [Nautilus-list] Viewing index.html

"Konqueror" (the KDE equivalent of Nautilus) has a
feature like this in the form of a togglable "Use
index.html" option in the "View" menu of browser
windows.  It appears to default to "off", and be a
per-window property, rather than a per-URI one (as far
as 30 seconds of playing with it reveals).  When it's
you switch it on, you get an HTML view (provided the
file actually exists), and the usual UI selectors for
directory views (list/icons/details/etc) grey out.

I occasionally find it useful when browsing magazine
coverdisks, but that's about it for me...

Dave Malcolm
thetreesurgeon yahoo co uk

PS I'm only using Konqueror as a backup GUI whilst I
hack my GNOME setup back into a working state :-)

 --- Darin Adler <darin bentspoon com> wrote: > On
1/23/02 11:52 AM, "Rick"
> <rickfriedman onebox com> wrote:
> > If I open a folder that has an index.htm (or html)
> file in it, I would
> > like to have Nautilus automatically display that
> as opposed to the actual
> > contents of the folder. Is there a way to set this
> up?
> No, there's no feature like that in Nautilus. Nor in
> any other file manager
> I've seen, and not even in any web browser that I'm
> aware of.
> But I can remember times I would have found that
> handy when trying to look
> at local copies of a web site.
>     -- Darin
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