ncpfs and nautilus

Hi all:
Maybe a fool question (I'm a newbie) but I can't resolve this problem without 
My linux dist is: redhat 8
my ncpfs ver. is the redhat 8 default
I'm mounting a novell server using:
ncpmount -S server-name -A server-ip -U user-name -P password -m 
Everything seems to work fine and I CAN do any task from CONSOLE.
When I use NAUTILUS:
- I can't remove a directory in novell ("It's busy!")
 Although Nautilus erase files inside this directory.
- I can't copy and paste to  novell ("No enough space")
I remark that I can do everything using console commands.
This computers will be used by children in a school so I wouldn't like to use 
I made a Novell graphical login using GTK-Python, if anybody interested I 
can send him/her the file.
Thanks a lot.
Daniel Pacheco
Colegio America
Callao / Peru

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