Re: ncpfs and nautilus

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Pacheco <daniel america edu pe> writes:

    Daniel> Hi all: Maybe a fool question (I'm a newbie) but I can't
    Daniel> resolve this problem without help: My linux dist is:
    Daniel> redhat 8 my ncpfs ver. is the redhat 8 default
    Daniel> I'm mounting a novell server using: ncpmount -S
    Daniel> server-name -A server-ip -U user-name -P password -m
    Daniel> /home/my-home-dir/my-mount-point Everything seems to work
    Daniel> fine and I CAN do any task from CONSOLE.  BUT When I use
    Daniel> NAUTILUS: - I can't remove a directory in novell ("It's
    Daniel> busy!")  Although Nautilus erase files inside this
    Daniel> directory.  - I can't copy and paste to novell ("No enough
    Daniel> space") I remark that I can do everything using console
    Daniel> commands.  This computers will be used by children in a
    Daniel> school so I wouldn't like to use commands.  I made a
    Daniel> Novell graphical login using GTK-Python, if anybody
    Daniel> interested I can send him/her the file.  Thanks a lot.

I hit this problem year(s?) ago.  It's because gnome-vfs thinks it's a
local filesystem and does a "df" on it to find out if it should bother
attempting to write to it (i.e. check for free space first).  Of
course, it always fails since "df" doesn't return anything except
zeros on an ncpfs mount.

That was my take on it anyway.

Desktop Services Team, EUCS.

University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

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