Re: Nautilus preferences proposal

Havoc I realize the need for a string/ ui freeze real soon. I'm pretty sure 
that i can get all these ui changes done by friday, since after monday 
morning i'm done with school and have a whole week available to not do 
anything. so i'm willing to sit down and do the ui changes, even though i 
will admit my hacking skills are not good enough to do the necessary backend 
work. Someone else will need to do those.

Also, if i rember correctly the gtk theme capplet has two font options, 
desktop and system ( i think those are the two listed). If so why not use the 
desktop font option for the icon view.

alex et. al.

Please let me know if i should go ahead this week and make the necessary ui 


Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> said:

> <bordoley msu edu> writes:
> > I also agree with havoc, lets use the gtk desktop font 
> > setting in the gtk font capplet to set the icon view fonts. Does anyone 
> > disagree with these?
> What I meant is that maybe the font capplet should have an item
> labeled "Desktop font" or something that affects the icons on the
> desktop.
> John makes a good point, we will be needing some freeze action here
> shortly.
> Havoc
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