Re: Nautilus preferences proposal

On Sun, 28 Apr 2002 bordoley msu edu wrote:

> Havoc I realize the need for a string/ ui freeze real soon. I'm pretty sure 
> that i can get all these ui changes done by friday, since after monday 
> morning i'm done with school and have a whole week available to not do 
> anything. so i'm willing to sit down and do the ui changes, even though i 
> will admit my hacking skills are not good enough to do the necessary backend 
> work. Someone else will need to do those.
> Also, if i rember correctly the gtk theme capplet has two font options, 
> desktop and system ( i think those are the two listed). If so why not use the 
> desktop font option for the icon view.
> alex et. al.
> Please let me know if i should go ahead this week and make the necessary ui 
> changes.

No. I think it's time to stop the UI changes. We need to work on 
stabilization. I've spent half this week applying and reviewing patches. 
We need to stop messing around with stuff and just accept that we need to 
ship something. 

Lets just work on the actual bugs right now, or we will never be done.

Sorry dave. I know you like to work on stuff like this, but there will be 
another release another day. We're already slipping far too much.

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