Re: [Nautilus-list] PATCH: add 'edit launcher' button to properties window

On Mon, 22 Apr 2002, Frank Worsley wrote:

> Hi, 
> attached is a patch that adds an "Edit Launcher" button to the properies
> window when viewing properties for a file of type
> 'application/x-gnome-app-info'.
> It makes it a lot easier to edit the desktop items or making changes to
> the "applications:///" uri items.
> One problem right now is that Nautilus doesn't always refresh the file's
> icon/name after the file has been edited with gnome-desktop-item-edit
> (which is launched by the button). Not sure how to fix that.
> The other patch is for eel and adds two convenience functions that I
> used in the nautilus patch.

As a general comment, you should never do synchronous I/O in nautilus like 
that. In this case you should use nautilus_file_can_read() / 
nautilus_file_can_write(). (You also have to make sure to requets that 
data to be read.)

But in general i don't think this is the right solution. Using
gnome-desktop-item-edit is just a hacky way to get something going, it 
looks ugly and it's not integrated well into nautilus (e.g. when you 
change stuff Nautilus won't immediately catch it etc). What we should do 
is some sort of "plugin" notebook pages for the properties dialog.

These would be useful for desktop files, but could also be useful for 
other things, such as proper ACLs if the filesystem supports it.

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