[Nautilus-list] The Future of Nautilus

Hello all,

I am in the business of converting the masses to Linux. And more
importantly increasing awareness of GNOME. As part of a series of
Articles on the future GNOME on my site(http://sisob.dyndns.org), I am
going to write an article on the future of Nautilus, which I see as THE
key element in the future uptake of GNOME.

It is very easy to find info and hype about the release of GNOME2, but I
am unclear as to how this will effect Nautilus. I know that most of the
Nautilus developers have been working on porting Nautilus to GNOME2. The
question I'm asking is, am I to expect any major changes when I run
Nautilus in GNOME2 in a few weeks?

Three major features myself and my site readers are hoping to see in
Nautilus are:

1. Drag and dropping launchers onto the desktop.
1.5 Right-click creation of desktop launchers.
2. Easy access to the "Show hidden Files" setting.
3. Integration of Nautilus preferences into the gnome control center.

I believe these three things are the major things that need to be done
to make GNOME really intuitive to the new user.

With that said I recently installed Mandrake8.2 and Nautilus is at least
3 times faster and twice as functional than in 8.1 - the progress is
incredible. Congratulations and many thanks to all the Nautilus

If anyone could send my some info or even some links to anything
relevant I would be most grateful.

Please CC me in any replies as I am not on the mailing-list

Mark Finlay
"sisob's linux eXPerience"
Registered Linux User: #243436

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