Re: [Nautilus-list] throbber link, part the second.

On Thu, 2002-04-11 at 09:12, David Fallon wrote:
> Since my previous attempt to stir up controversy ended well before
> flames started, I will try to poke you all again. :)
> When one clicks on the throbber, it goes to a web page. In particular,
> for the eazel themes, it goes to This is nice, but not really
> useful for new users who are then very confused to find the big "sorry,
> we're closed" sign. I recommend we point them to the non-existant
> nautilus page, in the hopes that my recommendation will motivate people
> to discuss what belongs on a nautilus home page. Barring that, I will
> try to provide a patch that changes them all to point to
I had a poke at this a while ago. Trying to get a good Nautilus site
going. I believe Jeff (jdub) has one that will go live once Gnome2 is
released. I think it's best to change the eazel themes to point to gnome
as you suggested. Perhaps we can get a path or
what ever it is that Jeff is using in his yet to be released web site,
setup on the current website, but redirecting back to the main site for
the moment. That way when the new site is up we won't need to do a new
release just to get the throbbers to go to the correct place.

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