Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: nautilus & signals ...

Hi Alex,

On Tue, 2002-04-09 at 16:46, Alex Larsson wrote:
> Nice. But its sad that we have to fuck around with our design because 
> GSignal is so slow. And it seems tim has almost stopped working on it, 
> which is bad because he claimed to have lots of optimizations in store.

	Well it's certainly a shame that signal emissions are not faster,
presumably 99% of the notify emissions are not actually listened to by
anyone, tens of thousands of them - it seems that handling the case
where there is no-one listening to or implementing a signal is not
overly fast - we get to do a chunk of lock/unlocks, unwind the argument
va_list, etc. etc. looks like it certainly could be optimized. Anyway,
there's no reason why Tim should be the only one that can optimize ?

	The other thing is that I must say I'm not convinced about the choice
of overloading shed loads of signals on objects to implement complex
functionality instead of just sub-classing it in the normal way. It
seems to me a fairly obscure and complex way of doing something that is
more legible, standard (and faster) to do with virtual methods and



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