[Nautilus-list] [Fwd: setting up nautilus default viewer for PDF and PS]

can someone familiar with the file types setup reply to bug 75763, the
maintainer off ggv wants to setup up ggv so the default loading behavior
of pdf's is to load the ggv nautilus view, not the ggv shell program 

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the question is rather short: how do I do it when GGV is being
installed. I'd like the default to be the GGV control that embeds nicely
in nautilus and not GGV app.

+------- Additional Comments From bordoley msu edu  2002-04-08 20:25
+I think the issue is that when you install ggv2 nautilus defaults to
+opening postscript files in ggv not in nautilus using the view. The
+user wants the default to be to open pdf documents using the ggv view.



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