Re: [Nautilus-list] Tiny patch

On Mon, 2002-04-08 at 17:12, Glen Gray wrote:
> Here is a small patch to 
> 1) Change the hackish reporting of RAM size in Hardware View to a
> different hackish  formula that reports the RAM size more accurately
> with more RAM sizes than whats there. But it's still not correct.

It is still wrong, why did you ignore my previous post ?

Here the same thing again

(in my case Mem:  525852672  (err, I thought 512M==536870912byte)
divided by 1024 corresponds to 
Memtotal:  (here 513528) and in megabyte this is 501M.
The other 11 MB are missing.

So you should probably better use 
the size of the file /proc/kcore - 4096 because 

man proc says:

       kcore  This  file represents the physical memory of the system and is stored in
              the ELF core file format.  With this pseudo-file, and an unstripped ker­
              nel (/usr/src/linux/vmlinux) binary, GDB can be used to examine the cur­
              rent state of any kernel data structures.

              The total length of the file is the size of physical memory  (RAM)  plus

probably ((size of the file /proc/kcore - 4096 + 1023) /1024 + 1023)/1024

should to it (why the rounding +1023 ? because something is still
missing and there is probably no computer using nautilus that does not
have full megabytes of RAM. )

if you do not like this file a bug to kernel-ml.

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