Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus-Mozilla proposal

On 06Apr2002 02:15PM (-0500), Alex Larsson wrote:
> -----
> * Another dependency added. In order to get a sane user experience we 
>   would probably have to make the nautilus packages require galeon. 
>   (Although it would not be needed when compiling nautilus.)
>   In fact, this seems to be a bad circular dependency, since galeon would 
>   BuildRequire nautilus and nautilus would (runtime)Require galeon. It may 
>   be solvable though.

Long, long ago, we discussed the possibility of distributing
libnautilus (the only part of Nautilus a non-bundled component should
need to depend on) separately from nautilus, in part to avoid
these kinds of potential circular dependencies.

 - Maciej

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