[Nautilus-list] Fam, telnet, nautilus - the mysterious connection

Heck, I don't know which list to post this to..... I'll start here.  (and
I'm probably to 50th person to report this).

1. xinetd has a sgi_fam service (an rpc service) located in the
2. 'rpcinfo -p' command shows it ready to accept connection because xinetd
is running
3. startx.   nautilus makes a fam connection.
4. 'ps -ef' proves that a fam process is running.
5. touch or create a file from a gnome-terminal and magically see is appear
in the nautilus window.  great!

6. "chkconfig telnet off" causes xinetd to reload everything.
7. the fam process dies
8. nautilus is left without a fam connection and with doesn't revery to
polling the filesystem.

9. But, 'rpcinfo -p' still showss sgi_fam ready to accept a new

So, possible solutions are:

a. make xinetd not affect other services. Why it does in the first place - I
don't know.
b. put a "server_args = -T 0" in the /etc/xinetd.d/sgi_fam.  This doesn't
work - I tried.
c. make nautilus detect fam has died and try to reconnect for some period of

Any ideas or temporary solutions?

-eric wood

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