Re: [Nautilus-list] re: Desktop folder (again)

Le jeu 04/04/2002 à 00:06, Marten Payne a écrit :
> > I did not mention that I'am convinced the desktop = home should not be
> > the default option. My thought was just about a way to solve the problem
> > of icons that a technical user want to get rid of his desktop.
> I think this solution is perfect and the for the user who so inclined
> the option should be to allow them to specify _any_ director as the
> desktop root.


I believe we should have a default to a visible directory :

  destop = ~/Desktop
for advanced users : 

  desktop = ~/ , desktop = ~/.gnome-desktop ...

> > For non technical users, there's a high risk for them to delete
> > important folders like evolution instead of simply hiding them.
> It sounds like you've worked in technical support...

No no. I just work in a lab were I'm the "Man who knows all about PC and
these sort of things" (Others think I am, not me :) ). 


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