[Nautilus-list] [PATCH] Creating launchers


	This patch is a first approach at implementing launcher creation from
nautilus, to create a launcher gnome-desktop-item-edit is called (is a
program distributed with gnome-panel).

Advantages of this approach:

* the code to create launchers is very easy and short
* consistent UI with the way launchers are created in other parts of the


1 gnome-desktop-item-edit doesn't exit sometimes, i don't know why
2 the launchers do not show inmediately after creating them (i've been
told that in XP this also happends)
3 launchers don't show in the same place (in the desktop) where they
were created.
4 i think that when selecting the launcher's properties
gnome-desktop-item-edit should also be called


PD: i there is any interest in this approach just tell me and i will try
to solve issues 3 and 4.

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