Re: [Nautilus-list] [PATCH] Creating launchers

On 3 Apr 2002, Diego González wrote:

> hi
> 	This patch is a first approach at implementing launcher creation from
> nautilus, to create a launcher gnome-desktop-item-edit is called (is a
> program distributed with gnome-panel).
> Advantages of this approach:
> * the code to create launchers is very easy and short
> * consistent UI with the way launchers are created in other parts of the
> desktop
> Issues:
> 1 gnome-desktop-item-edit doesn't exit sometimes, i don't know why
> 2 the launchers do not show inmediately after creating them (i've been
> told that in XP this also happends)
> 3 launchers don't show in the same place (in the desktop) where they
> were created.
> 4 i think that when selecting the launcher's properties
> gnome-desktop-item-edit should also be called
> regards,
> Diego
> PD: i there is any interest in this approach just tell me and i will try
> to solve issues 3 and 4.

I think this is an ok solution. Perhaps not the nicest possible (the 
gnome-desktop-item-edit interface can be a bit frightening), but at least 
it lets you create launchers and it's consitent with the panel. Please 
check it in.

Maybe we can make up a better menu entry name than "New Launcher" though. 
What word does the HIG use for Launcher?

1) sounds strange. Probably a bug in it.

2) Files written by processes other than nautilus only shows up 
immediately if you use fam. You must use the NautilusFile API to make 
changes to the filesystem show up immediately.

3) You mean where you poped up the menu? I don't know if this is such a 
bad thing. They seem to show up in a "regular" placement.

4) I'm not sure about that. I think we should have a way to add extra tabs 
to the property dialog for special types, and then have an extra page for 

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