Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus Views

On Mon, 2002-04-01 at 20:18, David Bordoley wrote:
    Seems like lots of programs are implementing nautilus views, which is
    real cool. The only thing I'm a little concerned with is that they are
    not implementing them consistently. Perhaps the usability team could
    draft some guidelines for designing nautilus views.
    what do I mean:
    1. Right click menu's for most views are inconsistent, some have them
    some don't, what they include seems arbitrary. ( true for icon and list
    view as well)
    2. Some views add options to the toolbar, example: ggv adds it's own
    navigation buttons. We should probably specify how these should be
    separated from general nautilus buttons in the toolbar.
    3. What options should be added to the menubar. eg. view menu, file menu
    4. It would be nice if views could add preference items to nautilus
    preferences so that they can be configured in nautilus directly.

Also a VERY annoying thing is that most views dont pass the global
navigation keys back to the shell - this happens with EOG image viewer
for example, so in order to close a window that has an active EOG image
component, you need to focus the toolbar to make the Ctrl-W to work.. Or
any other navi keycombo. Very confusing.

Another thing is, shouldnt also the "open new folders in current window"
still remember window positions? It looks like it only does for "open in
separate windows" - I think we should remember the position when you
open a new window by clicking a folder on the desktop, and update the
saved position for the open folder if a window is resized, or?


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