Re: [Nautilus-list] build error orb/orbit.h: No such file or directory

Jens Ansorg <liste ja-web de> writes:
> after updating some packages from Redhat Rawhide I tried to compile
> Nautilus from cvs.

Using GNOME from rawhide is a really really incredibly bad idea right
now. ;-) Give me a couple days. I need to finish getting all the libs
working, then I have to go through and rebuild all the apps with new
versions (fixing stuff like this as required), then eventually it will
all work again, maybe.
>     In file included from nautilus-view-component-stubs.c:6:
>     nautilus-view-component.h:7:23: orb/orbit.h: No such file or
>     directory
>     In file included from nautilus-view-component.h:17,
>                      from nautilus-view-component-stubs.c:6:
>     /usr/include/bonobo/Bonobo.h:7:23: orb/orbit.h: No such file or
>     directory
> ok, the Orbit includes are now in /usr/include/orbit-1.0/
> how can I tell nautilus where to find this file? 

Nautilus needs to be getting the output of orbit-config or pkg-config
or whatever and including that in its cflags.


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