Re: [Nautilus-list] Change committed that may affect the slowness

After Darin's big change here is what I get on my system:

Nautilus startup time:
  1.0.4: 24 seconds
  CVS: 27 seconds

"Music folder" double click from desktop until done loading:
  1.0.4: 11 seconds
  CVS: 12 seconds

Given that there's some (fairly large since I'm using a stopwatch)
margin of error here, I would say the problem has been fixed and that
1.0.5 is probably ready for release (at least as far as my system is
concerned ;-).

You rock Darin!


Seth Nickell wrote:
> On Fri, 2001-10-12 at 21:33, Darin Adler wrote:
> > If you hare one of the people who experienced slower performance with
> > nautilus HEAD than with 1.0.4, please give it a try again with the change I
> > just committed ("Change hysteresis value") and report the results to me.
> >
> OK, hard numbers with this change..
> Full startup time:
> old CVS: 46 seconds
> CVS: 32 seconds
> 1.0.4 (for reference, haven't retimed): 24 seconds
> "Music folder" double click from desktop until done loading:
> old CVS: 20 seconds
> CVS: 13 seconds
> 1.0.4: 11 seconds
> So the patch did improve things. Here's the bizarre phenomenuum I'm
> seeing, in both initial startup (on the desktop & in the window) and
> opening the Music folder:
> A number (5-15) icons display initially really really quickly. No
> particular rhyme or reason to the ones that display quickly (e.g. some
> normal files, some folders, some with custom icons, etc) that I can
> find. The throbber stops a few seconds later (and I don't think I'm
> seeing any more disk accesses). Then the whole UI freezes for several
> seconds (more on desktop startup than on opening the music folder)...and
> all of the sudden all of the other icons appear (with sub-directory
> counts already completed, I think) and its done loading and totally
> responsive.
> -Seth
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