Re: [Nautilus-list] remembering different properties in different directories?

On 16Oct2001 02:56PM (-0400), Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Ryan Muldoon <rpmuldoon students wisc edu> writes:
> > 3. Does the geometry/position stuff have to coordinate with sawfish
> > somehow?
> IMO it is correct for window managers to ignore application attempts
> to set position in the general case, and also ignore attempts to
> resize after mapping the window (though most WM's don't currently do
> so).

There's lots of reasons an application may want to change size or
position in an application-controlled rather than
window-manager-controlled way. The window manager can handle most
user-directed size and position changes but it has no clue about the
application-specific context. 

Consider my thread recently about smoothly resizing windows when the
contents change. There's no way the window manager can handle that
because it knows nothing about the window context.
 - Maciej

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