[Nautilus-list] Re: Bugs that might be severe enough to prevent a 1.0.5 release

on 10/12/01 10:53 PM, Chris Heywood at psych primus com au wrote:

> if the panel is set to be below other windows it appears below the
> nautilus desktop.  I imagine that is a setting many users have, and it
> will seem a little odd if their panel goes disappearing.  this is based
> on CVS as of a few days ago and nothing seems to have changed regarding
> this since then.

How does this behave with 1.0.4?

> there seems to be a bug in FAM (with all of Alex's patches) or
> nautilus.  notification seems to work nearly 100% of the time, but there
> seems to be one condition when it fails.  deleting, creating or removing
> of files through the terminal correctly results in changes in the file
> view of nautilus, however if I create a file in abiword and save it in a
> directory, the directory doesn't get updated with that new file (without
> an explicit refresh).

How does this behave with 1.0.4?

    -- Darin

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