Re: [Nautilus-list] List View Usability Suggestion

On Sun, 2001-10-07 at 11:32, Darin Adler wrote:
> on 10/6/01 5:49 AM, Christian Glodt at christian glodt ist lu wrote:
> > I vote for selection-by-clicking-anywhere-on-a-line.
> > 
> > Opinions? Should I create a bug in bugzilla?
> It would be OK to put a bug in bugzilla for this, although it's not likely
> anyone is going to tackle this soon.
> The topic is actually a subtle one. The tradeoff is between having a list
> view that behaves a lot more like other lists, or a list view that behaves a
> lot more like the icon view. Back when we had more contributors (when many
> Eazel employees were coding on Nautilus) we had planned to redo the list
> view to be a lot more like the icon view and share code with the icon view.

Tackling the task of sharing more code between list view and icon view
would be useful (maybe post 2.0 (or whatever the version ported to GNOME
2.0 will be called).  A while back I was looking at the music view
because I had some enhancements I wanted to add.  I wanted to make the
music view more like the list view/icon view in some respects.  I had a
picture of it looking a lot like it does now, except for the fact that
the actual list of songs would be like the list view (you could drag
songs into it, right click a track to get a context menu with options
such as play song, remove song from playlist, delete the song file,
etc.).  The primary reason I wanted this was so that I could view a
directory of mp3's that I've downloaded and quickly listen to the song,
delete it if it isn't a complete song, etc.  I came to the conclusion
that the right way to accomplish this was to make the music view code
more like the list view or icon view.  


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