[Nautilus-list] Re: Bugs

On Fri, 2001-10-05 at 16:57, Darin Adler wrote:
> on 10/4/01 9:52 PM, Chris Heywood at psych primus com au wrote:
> > haven't posted a bug on it as I was waiting for a reply to the mail I
> > sent to the list (and I don't really have any more information about it
> > than this and what I sent before).
> You can check whether FAM is being opened by running Nautilus under the
> debugger and setting a breakpoint just after the call to FAMOpen2 in
> get_fam_connection (around line 74) or set a breakpoint on FAMOpen2 and then
> use "finish" to see if the open succeeds.
> You can check if directories are being monitored by setting a breakpoint in
> nautilus_monitor_directory on the call to FAMMonitorDirectory or setting a
> breakpoint on FAMMonitorDirectory.
> You can check if any notifications are coming back from FAM by setting a
> breakpoint in process_fam_notifications on after the call to FAMNextEvent
> (around line 143).
> Or you can add g_message statements in these places in your copy of
> Nautilus, if you'd rather not use the debugger.

thanks for this info.  I'll have a look at it now.

> > I still have to edit eel-background.c to get font colors to match my
> > background though.
> Please clarify.
> I recently did work in eel to make it handle the light vs. dark choice for
> fonts, two rounds of fixes. The first fix made it choose white text in more
> cases where it should -- it was choosing black text when there was a large
> image, even if the image was dark. The second fix corrected a problem in my
> first fix that made it choose white text any time if there was an image,
> even if the image was light.
> What problem are you seeing? What version of eel are you using?

the problem I've had since I first started playing with nautilus (a fair
while back) is the detection of whether the background is dark or light
for the desktop.  it's just not possible to work this out for every
situation a right value which it should be compared by.  so depending on
my background, I change the bias on the return value of
eel_background_is_dark from 160 to something else.

and of course changing the bias of this may put off the color of the
font in the sidebar (which I've found).

it seems that for both these situations it could be hard to always get
it right which color to use.  a manual override for these would
certainly be handy (eg checkbox "Don't automatically detect the color my
desktop background text should be, set it to (combobox) white / black",
and checkbox "Don't automatically detect the color my sidebar text
should be, set it to (combobox) white / black").

anyway, not a big issue I guess.  I've gotten used to changing the
values myself.

(I use CVS eel by the way)

thanks for the explanation.


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