[Nautilus-list] Re: Bugs

on 10/5/01 12:11 AM, Chris Heywood at psych primus com au wrote:

> the problem I've had since I first started playing with nautilus (a fair
> while back) is the detection of whether the background is dark or light
> for the desktop.  it's just not possible to work this out for every
> situation a right value which it should be compared by.  so depending on
> my background, I change the bias on the return value of
> eel_background_is_dark from 160 to something else.

Before you decide that this is just a wrong bias, I'd like to see a
background image you're using where it chooses the wrong color, just to be
sure it's not a bug, but an actual borderline case that's simply falling on
the wrong side of the algorithm's heuristic. Would you be willing to show me
the example that gives you the wrong result?

> and of course changing the bias of this may put off the color of the
> font in the sidebar (which I've found).

While this may be so, things could also be confused by the bugs. Until a few
days ago, the algorithm was broken, which could have tainted the evidence
when you were exploring this and forming your ideas about it.

> it seems that for both these situations it could be hard to always get
> it right which color to use.  a manual override for these would
> certainly be handy (eg checkbox "Don't automatically detect the color my
> desktop background text should be, set it to (combobox) white / black",
> and checkbox "Don't automatically detect the color my sidebar text
> should be, set it to (combobox) white / black").

A possibility.

    -- Darin

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