[Nautilus-list] copy/paste, the eternal debate

hi all,

I don't want to start a new flamewar but I was recently pissed by this
stupidity of copy/paste and I spent some time thinking about it. Here
are the results of these thoughts:

Replace copy and paste menu items with "copy file(s) to" and "move
file(s) to". Clicking on these menu items while some selection is active
would popup a new window, graphically clearly different from the normal
nautilus window (ie: it would have no menu bar for example) which would
have the standard location bar and navigation bar with the addition of a
toolbar item: "copy file(s) here" or "move file(s) here".

Of course, it would be possible to merge the two actions in one: the
menu item in the begening would need to be changed and the navigation
bar would have both "copy file(s) here" and "move file(s) here".

any comments ?

and yes, if needs arises I can hack it.


Mathieu Lacage <mathieu gnu org>
Portable: <lacage itineris net>

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