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Currently the shelf does not actually copy the files when Move or Copy
is selected. It used to use nautilus-file-operations.h from
libnautilus-private but this required access to the source code of
nautilus to compile and anyway it seemed like the wrong thing to
do. So at the moment selecting Move clears the shelf and Copy does

The shelf is implemented using a GtkCList widget. It supports DND onto
the shelf but not from the shelf. It adds a menu to the nautilus
menubar and to the popup menu in directory view. Unfortunately since
the component is not activated until it is first viewed the menu items
do not appear till then.

The Shell component uses the zvt widget to do a small command shell in
the sidebar. When the directory changes it sends 'cd' commands to the
shell to change directory, but it doesn't yet handle paths with spaces
in. There is also code for changing directory in the opposite
direction by using a special prompt in bash which changes the title of
the shell so the nautilus view is updated to the same directory as the
shell. This code is currently commented out. Caution: do not enable
both at the same time: you will get stuck in an infinite loop.

To get the shell to send the current directory back to nautilus use:
export PS1='\[\033]0;\u \h:\w\007\]$ '

Both programs are very hacky, especially in terms of URL/pathname
handling and both lack any major error checking.

Robert Atkey

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