Re: [Nautilus-list] icon set cover image suggestion ((Emblems))

Ross Burton wrote:
> On 30 May 2001 14:21:10 -0400, rpmuldoon students wisc edu wrote:
> > I think emblems are one of the potentially coolest parts of
> > nautilus....they just need to be made more accessible (like via a
> > right click menu or something), and have pre-set and/or
> > user-configurable actions/states associated with them.
> How about on the right-click menu for an icon, there is a sub-menu
> "Emblems" which is a list of all of the emblems available. This way if I
> want to set a file to have a specific emblem I don't need to open
> dialogs, just make a menu selection.

I am really in love with the idea of Emblems being associated with
graphical shell tools (in the same way that you can tail -f, at, cron in
the real shell.)  I'm working on a more detailed list of the things I
would like and something of a proposal for said use of Emblems in

However, I think if we want to use Emblems in this way, we will have to
move them to a sidebar component.  Why?  To encapsulate automated and
formalized graphical shell operations into a DnD format (using Emblems
to indicate and operate said operations) we will need the ability to
show help data, customization controls ect.

If we want emblems to be useful, they will be too information intensive
to make effective (or clean looking) menus.  I think a good first step
would be using a sidebar format and using Drag and Drop to place
(perhaps a "clear emblems" menu item wouldn't be such a bad idea...) the
emblems on files (and remove???)

Eventually we'd probably want to tie attaching the emblem to said
emblem's preferences' dialog / confirmation screen .... anywho.


ps : love to talk to anyone else who is thinking about this.
pps: sorry about misspelling the word "emblems" but i've written it too
many times today and no matter how i write it ti looks wrong.

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